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As moms of two children each, we’re empathetic about how difficult it can seem to “get it together”.

Growing up, we moved all across North America, including back and forth to our birthplace, Canada. We’ve been to University, had corporate jobs, and have (for better or for worse) sampled a variety of what life can throw at you. We use those life experiences to drive us and allow us to better connect with our clients– We’ve “been there” for a lot of the things you may be going through!With the ability to laugh at ourselves and a willingness to share what we have learned, we are on a mission to help others find balance through organization.

We were raised by a fantastic mother who has a knack for organizing in a simple and effective manner. Her “tidy up” catchphrase still rings in our ears!  Although she ingrained that knowledge and passion in all of her kids, we still find ourselves, from time to time, slipping into lazy habits (Don’t tell her we said that!).

We’re committed to helping you start making efficient changes around your environment, which will transcend into your everyday life. Our goal is to leave you with the ability to maintain the system we have created for you.

We’re passionate and serious about organizing. Contact us at 716.703.TIDY.  “It’s Tidy Time!”


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I am visiting from SITS, and I could spend HOURS on your blog! I love organization, which is funny, since I’m not very organized! Ha! I guess you could say I’m a wannabe organized person! Happy SITS Day!

  2. Hey Patty! Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂 And by all means, hang out as long as you like! If you have any topics you’d like us to cover, feel free to share that too!

  3. Dear Erin and Sandra
    What a beautiful page you have here. I am visiting from Bloggy Moms. Your page caught my attention since I like organization or you can say like doing things in an organized way (that will be more appropriate to say). Whenever you have time, visit me at http://www.mothersgurukul.com
    I write about Parenting topics, Recipes, DIY and more.

    Thanks and Best wishes!!

    • Hey! We’re SO glad you stopped by, and pumped you like our stuff! Heading over to your site to check it out now.. love our newest bloogymom’s friend! See you soon!

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