Helpful Reminders Printable


Sometimes we all know what to do to keep up with our day. But doesn’t it happen that someone will inevitably remind you of what you should be doing (which is always super annoying when they’re right!).

So instead of me calling you or emailing you or telling your best friend to remind you, I’m just going to post a printable that can quietly and gently remind you what to do!


Don’t Forget to Tidy Checklist Printable Download

You can put this on the back of your child’s door before they leave the room, or have it framed in a cute little 4×6 on their dresser. You could also keep it on your own door so that you’re leading the way by example!

In case you’d rather have a doorknob hanging reminder, I made a printable just for you! Just cut it out along the gray line and cut a hole in the center for your doorknob to fit through. This should fit just about any size doorknob. If you can, print it out on a heavier stock than plain printing paper so that it can last longer.

tidy-tips-before-leaving-the-room-cleaningDoorknob Hanger Printable Download

Tidy on, soldiers!

Sandra from TidyTime

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