Leverage Your Kid Power

kid cleaning graphic

I can almost always invite some help from my kids during the day for around-the-house stuff.  There’s always at least a little something that needs to be done, which my kids could handle.

Some kids like to help out around the house. If your kids do, LEVERAGE that desire to help. They’ll also improve in this area the more they’re allowed to try.

I used to incentivize my daughter when she showed the slightest interest in cleaning. She was about 2 1/2 and she would ask to wipe the cupboards or floors or whatever she was near, and I would say, “Well, if you’re well behaved in the grocery store, I’ll let you clean the cabinets.”

So she would see this as a treat, a reward, and I would get a well behaved child and a little cleaning helper at home (a little well-placed sneakiness never hurt anyone;) )! Of course she only had the attention threshold of about 5 minutes for cleaning but I was interested in nurturing her desire to help out. It actually worked with both of my kids, but my daughter still loves doing it, 4 year later.

If your child has the knack for cleaning up, you’re a lucky one! But if you don’t, perhaps some cold hard cash is the way to go.

Before you get mad at me for suggesting this, keep reading and I’ll explain 🙂

I have a chore chart that the kids reference when they’re feeling up for some extra cash. It’s not much for the items listed, but they’re allowed to clean as much as they want so they can earn as much as they can handle. Because they’re still a bit young, they don’t abuse the system-they don’t have the patience or energy for that anyway. But here’s a look at the chore chart we use at home (yeah, I totally plug our blog on my OWN children’s material…shameless).

Kid Chore List - Money Makers-page-001

The kids still go through fits and starts of momentum when it comes to this chart. But since we only give gifts of any kind on birthdays and Christmas, when they want something they head straight for this chart to save up for whatever that is!

If you want to download one for your home, you can get a free printable here. I’ve created the same one that I use along with a different one with blanks so you can fill in your own dollar amount.  And finally, one that’s completely blank so you can fill in the task and the incentive yourself, depending on what you’re comfortable with.

My Kids’ Money Makers List (same as shown above)

Kids Money Makers List - BLANK money-page-001

Kids Money Makers List – all BLANK

Kids Money Makers List - all BLANK-page-001

Kids Money Makers List – all BLANK


All hail Team Tidy!

Sandra from TidyTime





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    • Oh my! Your computer isn’t goofy at all! It turns out I’m coming up with the same problem 😮 I’ll reload the proper sheet and you can try again. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention!

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