Fabulous Mother’s Day Gifts

mothers day gift graphic

We’re so close! Only 8 days away until we get to honor some of the most fabulous people in our lives.  Perhaps your mom’s not around, or you have some special women (sister, cousin, grandma, friend)  that you’re really close with who also happen to be mothers too. How excited would they be if you remembered them on Mother’s Day?

I’ve been keeping my eye out for fabulous finds lately which make perfect sense for Mother’s Day gifting material. Here are a few amazing options, that are wallet friendly, for you to choose from (links are below-none are affiliate, just products I love).

mothersday gift

glass stone earrings

Stone Glass Earrings – Etsy

I love these because they seem to go with so much of what I wear and you could easily dress them up or down.

potterybarn throw - Copy

Cozy Throw – Pottery Barn (on sale right now!)

This little angel is on sale right now, under $20, and would be amazing paired with a hot cup of tea.


Customized Initials Necklace – Etsy

This is beautiful for your children’s initials, which can always be added to if you’re a growing family!

redenvelope candle

Aromatherapy Candle – Red Envelope

Sometimes you just need to light a candle and have a bubble bath, or read a book, or lay back and enjoy the quiet. Having a calming scented candle lit can create the atmosphere and mood to really bask in a moment like that.

sanctuary - Copy

Sanctuary Spa Products – Sanctuary Spa Covent Gardens

My darling Rose gave me the most amazing set of Sanctuary bath products for Christmas last year and I was in euphoria using them. It honestly felt like I was transported into a spa when I used these (and closed my eyes, of course) for my bath. Just incredible, and although they tend to be pretty pricey, this set is listed at such a great price, it’s worth getting again.


Phone/Wallet – Etsy

Having a phone fit perfectly and tidily inside your wallet is a fabulous idea, especially for those of us that don’t like to have to carry a purse all the time. The colors are perfect, and super springtime, and the function is incredible. Dual purpose items make me smile 🙂

personalized tray

Personalized Tray – Red Envelope (for coffee table/end table)

Red Envelope sells this coffee table tray, which can be personalized (please and thank you) and is a perfectly chic accent piece to catch loose jewelry at the end of the night or even a cold drink that has some condensation. Bonus: The calming colors are fitting for almost any room.

So if you’ve been having trouble thinking of a mom’s gift for a wonderful woman in your life, this may just have solved your problem. If you order today, they should be able to get to you by Mother’s Day!

Happy Browsing!

Sandra from TidyTime







6 thoughts on “Fabulous Mother’s Day Gifts

  1. I. Want. It. All.

    (And I want, like, two dozen or so of those candles — one for every room in this house!!!)

    Great post! (And your new profile pic is gorgeous, as usual.)

    • I want them too (insert my whiny face)! I should print it out and “randomly” leave it in my husband’s sock drawer. “How’d THAT get in there? Hmmm…might as well read it…”
      Thanks for the shout out about the pic…you’re an angel 😀

    • That’s, my favorite too! Personalizing is so fun, right!? 🙂 thanks for doing by SITSta!!

    • Oooh! Great call! I never thought of that-breakfast in bed + gift at the same time..nailed it!

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