Filing Kid’s Clothes

file clothes

Just a quick post today, hoping to offer you some hope for your own children’s tidying tactics.

My kids don’t have a huge excess of clothes, so I had been folding them flat, stacked horizontally, the standard traditional way. I know, “practice what you preach, meanie!”. Especially since my husband and I do this in our own drawers.  So I did.

My son’s drawer gets messy after about a week or two and it took me way too long to realize that I should have been doing this for him all along. So i showed him how I fold the clothes in order to file them so they won’t fall down.

My husband and I do the laundry folding anyway, so I let him know that I he doesn’t need to get upset if he can’t fold it as well as I do, it’ll be folded for him. He just needs to put it away when a clean pile comes to his room.

After watching how I did it, he was so pleased and committed to the idea of keeping it this way.

A week later, and he’s still right on track, and I’m pleased as punch 🙂


Teach your kids how to fish and they’ll….well, teach them how to file their clothes and they’ll keep it tidy 😉

Sandra from TidyTime

2 thoughts on “Filing Kid’s Clothes

  1. This is one of my favorite ways to store clothes in a drawer! I tried this with my oldest daughter’s gazillion t shirts and I was amazed at how many fit in there. She was able to keep it pretty neat also. Wonderful post!

    • That’s wonderful! And I’m sure she can see which shirts she had to choose from too.. way to go Leigh 😉 have a fabulous week and thanks for stopping by!

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