Communify Buffalo Review


This Saturday was an INCREDIBLE night. There’s an organization called Communify Buffalo in Buffalo, NY, the brainchild of beautiful Miss Stephanie Brochey.  It was hosted at the 9Th Ward at Babeville (reclaimed and renovated by Ani DeFranco!) and it was gorgeous.

Stephanie’s a bit of Buffalo powerhouse and this Communify Buffalo she created is a volunteer based organization that brings local business and needs together. It’s got an incredible energy and heartbeat and the people it brings together couldn’t be happier.


So this past Saturday, Communify Buffalo hosted an event called “Spring Cleaning Show How”. It was an event where a group of local businesses presented DIY projects for the audience. We were one of the fortunate crew that got to take stage and have fun showing people how to increase their know-how in their homes.


The other presenters were fabulous! There was Healthy Homemakers, a company that specializes in natural cleaning products and I was surprised how simple it was to create effective cleaning products at home! Non-toxic, yet scouring cleaners that your kids can use!? Count me in 🙂

rob karp

Rob Karp is a Buffalo-based real estate agent/property investor that doesn’t just sell and invest, but also gets his hands dirty improving properties. He talked about the simple and profit building ways you can improve your home sale, or just spruce up your place without a lot of money or too much effort. He was awesome and super friendly and if you live in downtown Buffalo and don’t have a Realtor, I highly recommend him.


University Heights Tool Library have their hands happily full with a ton of Buffalo improvement projects. They have a lending library of a huge variety of tools that only costs $10 a YEAR to rent from! Seriously. Not only that, but they’re planting trees in the downtown area, cleaning the community of graffiti while boosting local artists, working on community gardens, and way more than that! The best part is that this organization was started by a couple of college kids. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t even close to that ambitious in my college days, I’m ashamed to say.


Wrafterbuilt is a VERY cool company, conceived by Sean Wrafter (get it?!) which is a specialty and custom carpentry and design studio using reclaimed wood for their furniture and home decor projects. The pieces are beautiful and rustic/charming all while taking advantage of wood that would have otherwise been tossed. Sean can recreate pieces from a magazine that you love, but can’t afford, and make it just as beautiful and definitely created to last. You must take a look at his projects 🙂


John, from Valu Home Centers gave us a run-down on paint projects and tips before you paint. The crowd was ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the tools and hints he gave us to make painting easier and to make your projects look better. A total professional with a super fun side. He was such a pleasure to listen to!


We had so much fun getting to know these incredible people, but the audience was amazing too! It was one of those events where everyone wanted to chat and learn and have fun. People were learning and making connections and it was way more fun than any Buffalo business event or networking event I’ve ever been to. Hands down. I can’t wait for the next Communify “party”! Stephanie and Brandon put…on…a…SHOW. Thank you so much for having us out and for boosting Buffalo businesses such a great platform!


Sandra from TidyTime



2 thoughts on “Communify Buffalo Review

    • I know, right!? It was way more fun than I thought. I didn’t have low expectations or anything, I’m just not used to actually feeling relaxed and enjoying myself when I’m involved in an event or presenting. It was refreshing:) Thanks for your comment love!

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