Linen Closet Reveal

linen closet reveal

When we moved into our home 3 years ago, I was pretty pleased with myself and how I stored the things in our hall closet/linen closet. But over time, things get taken in and out, added, removed, bulkier items get shifted, etc. Closet-life happened.

So I realized that I actually hadn’t had the closet set up as efficiently as I could have. I needed more division for all the types of items I had stored in there. Instead of doing it right in the first, I put several categories of items in the same basket. In my head, they were divided because certain things were in the back of the basket…riiiiiiight. How long do those things actually stay in the back of the basket when they’re used over time? Like, zero.

Here are a couple of pictures of how the baskets had gotten:


med basket

misc basket

After I had removed the actual linens and towels, then baskets, there were some items that were left behind and probably pushed back out of sight over time. Eww.


So I grabbed a few items from HomeGoods clearance section and went to town. (If you sign up for their emails, you’re automatically entered to win a $50 gift card to shop with them! BONUS!)

linen closet items

First, I removed all the shelves from the closet because in my grab, I also purchased a roll of contact paper, which I wanted to use to line the back wall of the closet.

empty closet

I measured the inside of the closet and then I measured the contact paper. I’m TERRIBLE with even the easiest measurements, but since there are grid lines with measurements on the back of the contact paper, I actually got pretty darn close to exactly where I needed to be (but don’t look too close!).

contact paper closet


linen basket

I also used the contact paper to serve as a background for the label holder on the white storage boxes.  It’s an unnecessary touch, but a fun one and it makes me happy 🙂

storage boxes

I designated this box for batteries and the other for the several electrical sweater shavers I use all the time.

box labeled

Then I took an old shoe box and covered it with some of the contact paper as well. I filled that with first aid products and slid it under the little shelf I bought to store my DoTerra oils on (and my fabric roll for waxing). Next to that I have a box I keep for all of my lady products that no children or men ever need. Labeled that “Mommy Gear”.

tidied baskets

I stored the new medicine box up on the very top shelf and out of reach, along with the linens and drapes that are seldom used.

linens up topHere’s how the rest ended up:











B&A Linen2

linen closet reveal b&a

I feel like I can finally relax when I open this closet now. And the way that everything is separated, with logic, convinces me that I can finally keep it the way I left it.

How do you organize your linen closet? Any ideas I missed out on (not too late for me to add them!)

Cheers loves 🙂

Sandra from TidyTime

8 thoughts on “Linen Closet Reveal

    • Haha! I actually tested a couple names out loud to myself first…I did have many “winning” options. It’s hard to make that stuff sound anything less than gross, right!?
      So glad you stopped by! 🙂

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