Repurpose That Little Tin

repurpose spray paint

As a sufferer of arthritis, allergies, and chronic headaches, I’m usually carrying around some emergency OTCs with me in my purse or backpack.

I’ve kept them in their bottles, put them in snack sized Ziplocs, or kept them in my linty pockets.  Keeping them in the bottles is a far too bulky option for me.  Storing them in Ziplocs is fine, until the Ziploc bag gets too beat up or is left slightly un-zipped (pill residue ends up all over the purse). My lint-filled pockets seemed genius…not sure why that doesn’t work..?

I could purchase a pill case, but most of the ones I find are that ugly tinted plastic, have too many compartments, or are too large in general.

The nicer ones are a bit pricey-not terrible, I just can’t personally justify tossing $15+ at a case to carry my medications. So instead, I took a cue from my sister (Erin/Nans/Erwin, among many other names 😉 ) and used a small tin I had.  An “Altoids SMALL” tin, to be exact.

altoid smalls

altoid tin

I used that for months until I realized that if a small child ever got near it and opened it, they’d assume they could dive in harmlessly.  Although I keep it in the inside zippered pocket of any bag, the chance is still there I suppose.

So what does a girl turn to? Spray paint, OBVIOUSLY!


Most of you spray paint party animals know how to do this, but in case you’ve never fell deeply in love with spray paint, I’ll give you the steps.

I laid the tin out on some paper towel (normally I’d use a shoe box for something like this but I was lazy and the tin is tin and I wanted to get all the little crevices so I need to get low and not have shoe box walls in my way) and sprayed the first coat. Then waited about an hour and sprayed a second coat.  My last coat was the clear gloss and I waited until the next day to pick it up because it was late and I went to bed 🙂



Then I took it in and hugged it and loved it and put my little medicine guys inside.



If you haven’t seen how small the Altoid “Smalls” tin is, here’s an indicator:


So if you happen to need to bring medicine around for any reason and want to steer clear of the plastic containers that they sell in pharmacies, this might be an option for you 😉

To my tidiers, with love,

Sandra from TidyTime



7 thoughts on “Repurpose That Little Tin

  1. I have this tiny happy green coloured zipped pouch (originally meant for coins and keys), that I keep as my “to go medicine cabinet”, since I also need to permanently keep some with me… I love you small Altoid tin though… 🙂

  2. Great Ideas.  I love to provide my Estate Sale community with reuse, re-purposing and up-scaling ideas to help them see treasures and opportunities in what they find at our Estate Tag Sales.

    Thanks for this article and your ideas. What you do is appreciated. 
    I shared it with my Estate Sale community on and Facebook at

    Keep the great treasure finds coming.

    Dennis Velco
    dcVelco Estate Sales

    • Hi Dennis,
      That’s wonderful! Estate sales are incredible 🙂 I’ve been to a few and never been disappointed in the incredible finds!
      I’m so glad you liked it and that it’s something you can share with your community too. I’m always looking at things with “repurposing” glasses lately. If I no longer have any practical use with items that I have in my home, I’ll always try to repurpose them before tossing or donating them.
      I’ll be heading over to your facebook page to check out your stuff!
      Have a great night and thanks for stopping by!

    • Ha! So glad you like it! Im big on super fast and simple-step projects and this one totally made me happy…oh, and P.S. saw a concrete fireplace in a design catalogue this week and I was like. “Tasha SO beat them to it!!” Lil in-my-head shoutout went down for ya:)

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