Get Those Legos Under Control!

lego tidy

I was hanging out with my awesome friend Christie and her adorable son the other day. We were letting him cruise Toys ‘R’ Us and get his Lego-lookin’ fix.  We started talking about the disaster they can become and solutions to organize them.

Fun little fact: I was watching a stop-animation film featuring Lego characters and there was an instructional feature at the end of the movie that, among other awesome tidbits, mentioned that the plural form of Lego is “Lego”; like sheep or deer.  Just ask these guys. *DISCLAIMER* Even though I know this now, I still have a hard time with it so I’ll be saying “legos” for plural form #ignorancewasbliss*

My son loves him some Lego, and I love them too!  So when he was about 4 years old, I bought one of those big blue tubs of assorted Legos for him to get creative with. I was stoked, for about 30 minutes, until I realized that the act of him fishing around in that tub for minutes at a time trying to find ONE little specific piece was KILLING my patience. That SOUND! A constant and tub-amplified churning which almost always woke his then-toddler sister from her nap. NO THANK YOU.


So it was either, 1. be a cruel mother and take the entire bucket away for good, realizing your mistake. or 2. Separate the legos by color and put them in clear Ziploc bags so that he can actually SEE the piece he’s looking for. That not only eliminated the maddening sound but it made it far less frustrating for him. The real win, obviously.

So I spoke to him about how much time he’d save and how much easier and fun it would be to play if we organized them by color. He agreed to try it so I set a 10 minute timer for us. We each picked a color at a time and once a handful was filled, it went in the corresponding bag (none of that piece by piece in a bag nonsense…that takes far too long. Trust me-trial and error.) We finished in 10 minutes and 2 seconds.

lego sorting


tidy tucked away

They’re both older now, and my daughter occasionally gets “Lego with it”, hence the purple and pink bricks.  But now, every time the kids go to play with the Legos, they have a lot more patience and spend more time on them since they get less frustrated not having to search so hard for pieces. My ears don’t hurt anymore and the mommy rage is gone too!

Lindsay from MakelySchoolforGirls did a great post on storing minifigures too! It’s super fast, super smart and totally lovable for kids.

DIY Lego Minifigure Storage via

Another noteworthy mention is that they don’t mind putting them away so much because it’s like a backwards puzzle by breaking them down and putting them away by color. “Eggybuddy” wins!


Now Go Get Tidy Wit’ It!

Sandra from TidyTime



4 thoughts on “Get Those Legos Under Control!

  1. Okay, first, can I just tell you how much I love your first photo with the talking Lego man???? It reminds me of Bob the Builder, which Scotty and I watch daily. I can actually hear your Lego man speaking. lol

    Scotty is still into Mega Blocks, as he’s only 2.5, so I have definitely bookmarked this page for future reference. (I can see that I’ll pay dearly if I don’t have these suckers stored away neatly; I bet these suckers hurt like a motherf*cker when stepped on…)

    I actually have a similar storage system for the pieces that belong to Scotty’s two Mr. Potato Heads.

    Great post!

    • That’s TOTALLY what I was thinking when I was posing him! I was, like, “He’s so cute, he’s totally in charge of these Legos. He’s probably one of the leaders…”
      My son LOVED Bog-a-biwduh when he was that age (so did I/still do).
      And by the way, your instincts are on point; they DO hurt that bad…they really do. In fact, it’s not uncommon for 6-8 year olds to use insults such as, “I hope you step on a Lego!” to convey the most harsh anger. I’m gonna start saying it I think…

  2. I TOTALLY understand about the sound those Lego make when rattling around! My daughter (age 7) is into Lego Friends and each set is now stored in a Ziploc bag to keep them organized. I also find that putting them in baggies helps with clean up and avoids frustration the next time she wants to build with them. Great post! 🙂

    • Ok, you totally GET it! Ha! Those little sweet Lego Friends…that’s what my daughter finally got started on when she felt like getting in on it with her brother. We think alike 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by and I’m glad you liked it!

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