Purging What I Preach



Had to…my son used to say “eggybuddy” instead of “everybody” and it’s just so festive right now!

So as a little nod to spring cleaning, and in an effort to avoid hypocrisy, I got waist-deep into my closet today.  The urge to say, “I’ll wear it again someday” or “I’ll get back to that size soon…I think…” or any other excuse my small brain tries to hang onto, was cast aside today.

Even though I purge in bits throughout the year, I wanted to do better this season.  I got honest about what I ACTUALLY wear, what I truly need, and what I really shouldn’t be saving anymore. It always helps me to picture the millions of others that I don’t even know throughout the world, that will never have such an array of clothing to choose from.  I might have less clothing than most people I know, but still,  It’s not necessary.  It is in our culture though, and we buy things, extra things, sometimes because we can. But when I picture someone else who’s never gotten a chance to wear something nice, which I’ve been taking for granted, it flips a switch in me to give and give and give, and stop making excuses.

I’ve been given a lot in my life and it feels so great to pass it on. I don’t feel as though it’s enough, but it’s a small way, and it’s a start.


Here’s a sample of what I said goodbye to:

14 pairs of dress pants

12 dress shirts

4 sweaters

6 pairs of shorts

2 pencil skirts

3 pairs of knee-high leather boots

2 pairs of platform pumps

4 t-shirts

3 sweatshirts


Some left over hangers.

I feel better about clearing out space, but way better about helping someone else. This is contagious…who knows what I’ll be inspired to do next!

Donation Bags

If you need pickup delivery, it’s often a free service. AMVETS definitely offers free pick up, click here to find out if they service your area. Salvation Army also does, click here to find them in your area.

If those don’t serve your area, check DonationTown to see what services can pick up from your home.

Getchyer Donate on, Feel Good, and Have Fun!

Sandra from TidyTime

6 thoughts on “Purging What I Preach

  1. I just did a “major” purge today, and I’ll continue tomorrow to see I’d I can’t find one or two more items to get rid off. So somewhere within the next few days I hope I get around to posting about it 😉 this is my third purge within the last 6 months, so hopefully I will get a little closer to where I want to be on my closet. I notices I still put a couple of things away in my allowance box (to be used for the next respective season it belongs to, or out-the-door it goes) 😉

    • I’ve noticed you doing such a good job! How exciting and liberating, eh? I love it 🙂 Let me know how you do on your next session-looking forward to reading about it!

  2. You have inspired me!! I went through my closet again and purged those, maybe I will wear you in the future pieces. I started my linen closet yesterday and I can’t believe how many lonely towels and linens were in there that I didn’t even know about. I have four bags ready to go to a new home : ) You guys rock!!

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  4. YAY Christie! You’re such a great advice-taker..one of the best there are! I’m so happy it helped you and I love how good it made you feel 🙂 So proud of you!! Thanks for commenting sweet doll!

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