How I Use 3M Hooks to Organize

3m Hook graphic

After organizing all kinds of spaces in our homes and our clients’ homes, the need to get creative on storage tools becomes necessary.

We LOVE 3M Hooks!  They have been a staple for us for a while now.  With the peel and stick backing, you don’t have to worry about removing it if the hook no longer makes sense in that space. You can remove it without peeling off paint or harming the surface area.  That being said, they’re still super strong and hold a ton of weight.

There is such a long list of ways to use these little magicians to help declutter closets, rooms, cabinets, and garages.

Here’s just a few of the ways I use them in my home.

3M Hooks cutting board

I have a few cutting  oards that I use, but this one is my go-to for all my fruits and vegetables, which I cut up all the time. So for me, it’s great to have it handier than the rest (which are stored inside that cupboard as well).

3M Hooks homework clip

Just inside the front door to our house we have a cabinet that is used for the kids’ backpacks and school reminders. I have a 3M hook on both doors, one for my son’s information and one for my daughter’s.  We keep school reminders right by the backpacks so that while they’re getting their things ready, they can see if there’s anything important going on that day.

3M hooks headphones

My daughter keeps her headphones and mp3 player on the inside of her closet and out of the way. She doesn’t use it all the time so it’s out of the way and out of sight, but when she does it’s a quick grab.

3M Hooks daughter purse

She also has a hook on the back of her door to swing her lil’ crossbody purse on (she’s not the type of girl that wants 18 purses anyway, so all we need is 1 hook..). She’s misplaced her purse often enough for this to be an issue so now that it has a visible home for her, it always gets put back to where it belongs after she’s done using it.

3M hooks closet ceiling

I also use 3M hooks for my purse(s) in my closet. I have a ledge on the top of my closet rod that allows me to store some things up there and I use one side for purses. In order to keep them from being stored in a heap, I’ll use the hooks to hang up some of them, so they’re sitting above the others, which are filed together, standing up (stuffed with paper to retain their shapes).

3M hooks (11)


3m hookss

You may recognize this picture from a recent post on under-the-sink organizing. The hooks here are used under my kitchen sink for my dust pan and the carpet brush I use for resistant stains. It makes it easier for me to grab but it also makes it easier for my kids. Prior to the hooks, I used to allow my kids to do little chores and come back to find the dustpan and brush scattered wherever they happened to land on the floor. Now that the kids know where they’re supposed to go, they put them back every time.

I hope these give you some ideas for your own home, and if you have any ways that you use 3M hooks in your life, let me know! I love new ideas!


Sandra from TidyTime

4 thoughts on “How I Use 3M Hooks to Organize

  1. I absolutely love 3M hooks. I especially love the fact that they can be removed if no longer needed. I tend to move things around periodically and have always been happy that they weren’t leaving holes or damaging the walls.
    I am currently using them on my daughter’s bedroom door to hang her robe and on her bathroom door to hold her towel. I also use one to hang a calendar on her wall in her room. As she grows, I just move the hooks up to a better height for her. Just one of the many ways I use the hooks…I could go on and on!
    Great post! You gave me some great ideas. 🙂

    • I LOVE those ideas! And you’re right, it’s so great to have peace of mind about wall damage-they just come right off 🙂 I’ll be borrowing your robe idea now! Thanks Leigh!

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