Best Organizing Tips & Tricks for Your Bathroom

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Hi my name is Sue Jason and I am a guest-blogger from My-bathrooms blog. You may follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.

 1 Bathroom organization is tricky, but oh-so-satisfying to get right! The best way to achieve a well-organized bathroom is to include plenty of storage options and to tightly maintain control over the space. This means regular cleaning and decluttering, making sure that extraneous items (toys, books, clothes waiting to be worn again) are removed before they become fixtures! Go Vertical bathroom2


With bathroom space at a premium, make sure that you maximize the available room by storing long flat objects (such as combs brushes and even toothpaste tubes) upright. These things are all relatively small, but can take up a lot of space when left lying flat. Divide and Conquer! bathroom3


Dividers in bathroom drawers keep things together in one place yet handily separate and easy to find. Train yourself (and the family) to keep the divisions demarcated and it will not take you long to find what you need. Tidying is also easier, as there will usually only be one or two sections that need attention, rather than an entire drawer-full. Decant bathroom4


Decant bathroom products like shampoo and hand-soap into accessorized bottles and containers. Being part of a matching set they are easy to organize with uniform shapes and sizes. Having to refill the containers also helps you to keep track of what you need to stock up on too. Magnetic Personality bathroom5


Consider fitting a metal backing to your medicine cabinet. With the help of a pack of magnets, you will be able to hang up small things like nail scissors, eyelash curlers and so on, which saves space upon the cabinet shelves for bottles of medicines, ointment and the like. Cunning Storage Solutions bathroom6


Examine your bathroom for cunning storage opportunities! Something like a narrow shelf fitted over the door will give you somewhere to keep a surprising amount of stuff (toilet rolls, spare towels, and bulk purchases of shampoo) handy but still out of the way. Using up otherwise wasted space is a brilliant way to open up the floor space of the bathroom without compromising your needs. Bulk Buy bathroom7


Wherever possible, buy bathroom products in bulk and store them in and around the bathroom. You are never going to not need toilet paper, so do not worry about buying several months’ worth in one go. Of course, storing it then becomes an issue, but you will find many small, but accommodating places in your bathroom where a few toilet rolls, bottles of shampoo or conditioner or even cans of shaving foam can be stashed for the duration! Thanks for stopping by! -Sue

5 thoughts on “Best Organizing Tips & Tricks for Your Bathroom

  1. YES!!!! Those drawers! I need to do that in my bathroom AND in the kids bathrooms! It would make life so much easier for all of us. 🙂

  2. Yes! Isn’t it refreshing? The kids can totally take advantage of this. I find they can be the most challenge to organize because kids have small things, EVERYWHERE 🙂 Thanks for swingin’ by Marcia!

    • You betcha Kendall 🙂 So Sorry for such a late response! 😮 We’ve both been signed on lately as our individual user names and didn’t get the notifications. But we’re so glad to have your comment and we’re pumped you swung by!
      Cheers love!

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