Dress up Your Dollar Store Bins

Dress up Dollar Store

Sure, I’ve done a post on dressing up your storage before. But it was using a slightly different approach.

If you haven’t seen these bins at the dollar store/dollar section in Target (DollarTree always seems to have them), I’d be surprised. I’ve seen them in all sorts of colors but I’m always a fan of clear.

Clear bin

I needed an extra bin in my top drawer for some post-it tabs, magnet clips (a magnet form of paper clips-thank you Target), and a place to store some extra labeler tape.

You can dress up clear with pretty paper or washi tape. I chose washi tape for this little guy. I happened to be in love with two of the patterns in combo so my choice was eliminated at that point…20130923_133634They’re adorable right? It’s like they’re soul mates.  So i just alternated strips of tape as I laid it down for ultimate awesomeness (it’s a word).20130923_133649

dollar store bins

I cut the strips with scissors (I didn’t measure) as I went so the ends on the left are a little less than perfect; but who’s gonna see it besides me?   ….oh yeah….


A close up of it’s tidy little function.

Officre Drawer (2)

Here it sits, making friends with the other drawer organizer. It’s cuter, but hopefully it doesn’t make the other one feel bad.

Office Drawer Organized

The items I’m storing in the clear bin are all on the smaller side but they’re all fairly similar in type (other than labeler tape and lip balm) so they belong together. Previously they were sliding all over the joint whenever I opened the door. This has been a fix for that nasty business.

Do you dress up your bins in any way or leave them as they are?

2 thoughts on “Dress up Your Dollar Store Bins

    • Thanks! Doesn’t it just feel better to open up your drawer and see something pretty AND organized? That’s the kind of stuff I get up in the morning for 😉

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