Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

Under Kitchen Sink Graphic

I’ve been living in my home for 3 years now and there are still many pockets of my home that have remained just as they were when I first moved in. Like I mentioned in my last post, life changes along with daily routines and I’ve neglected to change those areas along with the evolved daily routines.

My under the kitchen sink was one of those spaces. Here’s how it was looking and I didn’t realize I had let it get away from me until I took a picture of it:

UnderSink  Brefore

NOT so tidy…. :/   Who let me out of the house?

I decided I’d invest in a little over-the-door organizer for some less used items, but kitchen-applicable items. I found this on amazon, link to it here if you’re interested.

cabinet organizer

Here’s what it turned out like:


I keep my goo gone(i use it all the time when I’m taking labels off the candle jars I always repurpose), along with some dollar store magic erases(2 for $1) which do the exact same job as Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! Some air freshener(for when I burn the life out of my meals), extra sponges and some wood putty for scratches that happen frequently.

I also decided to hang up the dustpan and fabric brush so they wouldn’t be swimming on the bottom infecting my other products…barf.  3M Command hooks work very well and you can get them at every grocery store, Target, and Wal-Mart, just to mention a few.

3M Hooks

Here’s a break down of where everything went after I cleaned up my act…literally:

Under the sink after

The pink box on the right hand side of the cupboard stores all my liquid cleaning products. They happen to fit PERFECTLY in my Shoedazzle shoebox, for those of you who gravitate to that site-dual purpose, just sayin’.

I store my kitchen gloves now over the pipe in the center so they can drip dry.

My grocery bags are stored in an apple bag and I used my old candle jars(repurpose old candle jars post!) to hold the roll of garbage bags so that I could get rid of the cardboard box it came in and save some space.

I have some canvas shopping bags folded and stored in the back. I honestly use those far less frequently than I should, but they always come in handy for sleepovers, sending meals  to people’s houses, bringing larger items to and from church or friend’s homes, etc.and things to different people’s houses.  But they’re there and I do use them, so they’re in the back because the other items are more frequently used.

Under the Sink #organized

So that’s the wrap on the under-the-kitchen sink reorganization. I feel so much better going in there now. It’s easier to look at and I know the cleaning products won’t be sliding around and falling over all the time.

Thanks for stopping by to check it out. Let me know if there are any products you use under your sink that you swear by. I love learning about new approaches 🙂

Cheers dears!

Sandra from TidyTime

3 thoughts on “Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

  1. This is perfect! thanks for the post. I’m not sure if you’ve done a post on papers and clutter. I can’t seem to keep random papers that come in organized from cards, pictures, mail, important letters, etc…. any posts or advice on that? Thanks!

    • Hi Monica! That has not been posted on yet and its we quite relevant. I’ll work on that and get it up for you soon!! Thanks for the suggestion,

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