Kitchen Drawer Organizing Revisited

Drawers Graphic

Kitchen drawers have a threatening opportunity to become home to several junk drawers if we’re not careful. I did a post a while back (find it here)on my silverware drawer. Mine happens to be located right next to the breakfast bar, where my children eat their breakfast. Because of this, the drawer happens to be an ideal location for saving time by pulling my daughters hair into a pony tail while she’s eating. It also helps to have my notepads handy there for the kids’ lunch notes and such:)

The kids also come home from school every day to do their homework on the breakfast bar. So because of that, I leave their homework tools; scissors, pencils, and glue sticks at arms reach.

Here’s how it started out, including before&after,  in 2013 when I thought I had it all figured out(and it did work for quite a while…)
Before and After Junk Drawer

But after some thoughtful consideration and further use of the space, I wasn’t a fan of how things began to creep into other spaces.

The Culprit: The bin on the far left was too big to house all the little items that didn’t ALL belong together.

The Fix: Get a more narrow bin to house the larger kitchen tools ONLY, and purchase a two-pack clear bin set from the dollar store ($1 for 2 makes me happy every time) to house the notes and kids homework utensils.

I also added a small box(it was a lid to some miscellaneous box I found lying around the house) and I now house my gum and daughters hair ties in the bin. *Disclaimer* I don NOT endorse having hair products ANYWHERE near the kitchen. However, this tin houses strictly new hair ties that have never been used. If you have little girls, you know you can get about 200 in a pack from the dollar store so I don’t mind if they’re a one time use item. I’m a freak about hair migrating into the kitchen so that’s a policy I stand by.


Use clear tape or putty on the bottom of your drawer organizers/boxes you’re using to separate items. That way, they’ll avoid sliding all over the place when you open and close your drawer. I used clear packing tape here and it’s been amazing. 

Keep in mind, there are so many items around the house that we can repurpose for drawer storage. I have some examples in this post as well. So don’t assume you have to run out to the store to make anything happen for you. When we’re organizing people’s homes, we almost never need to purchase organizing products because there are so many items in our homes that will do the trick well.

Silverware Drawer 1

Here’s what it looks like broken down:

Kitchen Drawer Items

So this works way better for us already and it’s going to prove a lot harder for any of the items to start migrating into the wrong places. I even allowed for a little room for growth, in case there ever becomes a need that I never planned for.

So the premise of the original post was to avoid junk drawers, but allow for practical utility areas within your drawers based on your family function and practicality of items; how they’re used, when they’re used, and by whom they’re used. If you can think about your items like that, it’ll be easier to find an appropriate home for them that’ll work in the long-term.

And don’t forget! As your life moves on and new routines are introduced, your storage places and needs are likely to change along with them. Don’t be afraid to go back and revamp areas you’ve previously tended to. Even the most organized people are adjusting their storage needs and methods as their lives evolve. So if something feels like it doesn’t work, change it up! Just make sure it makes sense for you and your family.

Ready, set, TIDY!

Cheers loves!

Sandra from TidyTime

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Drawer Organizing Revisited

  1. This is so helpful! I have so many drawers that are just full of things I need but that don’t logistically go together. I’m def getting some of these tiny bins to sort everything out!

    • That’s awesome:) they’re like magic! If you remember to do a tape roll under the container (you could also use wall putty), they’ll stay put and avoid shifting when you open and close the drawers quickly. Bonus 🙂

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