Organizing with Mary Kay!

MK Gets Organized

This week we had the honor to speak to a group of Mary Kay consultants about organizing the different aspects of their business.

These women are inspiring, period. A group of educated women, with diverse backgrounds and families who’ve gotten tired of the unfulfilling grind that 9-5 jobs offer. It may seem scary and risky, but these women mean business and they’re on a mission to make women feel beautiful from the inside out. Speak to a group of women like these? Yes please!

So after pampering us with a facial (including buttery soft cleansers and moisturizers!) we skipped to the front of the room where we discussed organization strategies for these Mary Kay rockstars.

Topics for organization included (along with some references to some of the things we discussed):

  • Time Management

Do they hardest thing first! See a link to why, here

  • Money & Receipts

Have an envelope for each month that you carry in your purse/bag. Every relevant receipt should be placed in there immediately. At the end of the month, the envelope goes in your current year’s MK tax folder

  • Travel 

Keep a small notebook in your car to track mileage-a sticky note on the dash helps to remind yourself to actually write the mileage down…I always need a reminder!

  • Inventory

Wherever you’re storing your inventory, LABEL, LABEL, LABEL! Picture labels are best)

  • Customer Tracking

Categorize your customer profile cards by month and at the end of every month, write birthday cards for all of your next-month’s customers!

  • MK Handouts

These women have so many things to keep track of, whether they’re working their businesses full time or part time. They amaze me, truly. Not only do they have excellent work ethic, but their values are incredible; God first, family second, career third. So no matter what your faith is, you’re respected for your priorities. It’s a really fabulous sisterhood.

MK Meeting March 2014 edit

Our Mary Kay consultants/new friends 🙂

MK Meeting March 2014 edited

Pretty products to play with 🙂

MK Miracle Set

Delicious Miracle Set facial cleansing and moisturizing products = Skin as soft as a wet shammy!

We left feeling glamorous but also encouraged by the women we spoke with. The perfect start to the weekend 🙂

Cheers to being beautiful from the inside out!

Sandra from TidyTime

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