Organizing Tip: “Think Before You Buy”


First of all, apologies for the tardiness of any post at all over the last several months. There should truly be no excuse, but postings just took a back seat as I suppose I’ve run out of steam in a lot of ways lately. I’m ramping back up though, and missing the interaction with you so I’m back today with a thoughtful organizing tip to share that’s not always talked about.

Think Before You Buy:

We live in a highly consumer-driven society. It’s not totally our fault; we’re subject to media propaganda, subliminal messages by corporate gorillas, and peer pressure.  However, we’re not robots either and we can make a decision not become purchasing lemmings.

Our reality is that we each live in a certain sized dwelling place. We are only able to work within a specific square footage of space. In that space, we typically have some closets, some drawers, and some additional furniture for which we store items.

Rather than going out every so often and trying to buy more storage pieces, large bins or additional containers, consider that you very likely don’t need more storage, but less things.  I know that’s not necessarily something that you might want to hear, but it’s typically the case.

Take clothes, for example; think about the practicality of having 15 pairs of jeans, 30 t-shirts, 20 tank tops, 7 sweatpants, etc… It sounds a bit much once you start to list them, but it’s about average these days. Think about the items you typically wear everyday and then consider the number of clothing pieces you actually don in a year.  Chances are, you’re keeping items for either sentimental reasons, or hopes that you might wear them again if you can get back to “that size” (I’m guilty too!).

My guidance is to always pare down first. Purge what you can; giving feels incredible, especially since it’s almost always going to those who need it far more than you do.  Secondly, you can do something preventative; Think before you buy.

Think about any item you’re intending to bring home, in this way:

Is the item…
1.  Useful?
2.  Necessary?
3.  Decorative or practical?
And then;
1.  Does it have a place in my home?
2.  If it doesn’t have a place in my home; can I create a place without compromising my current space and giving up precious square footage in my sanctuary?
3.  What can I replace at home if I love this item enough to buy it? This is a defense to keep clutter from creeping. if you keep this rule, your home will never drown in “stuff”.

Not only will this benefit your wallet, but it will bring more peace into your home when you are surrounded by only the things you treasure, rather than things that just happened to be a good deal.

Tidy on friends!

Sandra from TidyTime

4 thoughts on “Organizing Tip: “Think Before You Buy”

  1. I do this! Especially this year I have made myself a deal, to only buy necessities. And I only get to replace something broken IF I don’t already have something I can use instead, and only if I really, really need it. It saves you money, and it means only useful things makes it into the house 😉

    • Anne, that’s fantastic! That’s a great rule for yourself and I bet you’ve seen incredible progress with it. Once we start becoming aware, it’s pretty illuminating how little we actually NEED. Love that you stopped by to share that! Cheers:)

  2. This is a mantra that I repeat in my head when shopping. Except for clothes and then I’m in the zone and don’t care of I have that shirt in 4 colors, I want that 5th color too! My husband and I recently renovated our walk in closet in our master bedroom. We went to IKEA and bought the most amazing things that turned our trash room into the most functional organized room in the house. I LOVE it. But, it has its limits. So, we have to be very careful about what we bring in there. There must be a place for it, or it doesn’t go, or something else goes to make it fit. Now, if I can only use that philosophy for my office! Boy does that need help. Hope you’re having a great SITS day. Have a blessed day.

    • That’s so awesome! Finding tools that work for your space to encourage you to stay organized are key. IKEA has some fantastic products for that. I’m so glad you liked the post-it’s great to have you stop in 🙂

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