Guest Speaking to A Great Group of Moms!


This weekend I had the privilege of speaking to a fabulous group of women about organizing, Catholic Mom’s Connect. This crew of ladies make up an incredibly encouraging group and they do a terrific job of reaching out to people in need.

These beautiful ladies invited me to speak to them and we discussed how to gain balance in your home, how organizing plays a role and why it’s important to set and stick to your priorities.

CMC talk

How encouraging to listen to like-minded women regarding their family sizes and schedules, routines, habits and trouble areas.  Almost all of us suffer with the same stumbling blocks and hiccups when it comes to balance and finding a way to manage in such a hectic world, yet there’s certainly hope.  When you go out on a limb and boldly confess your weaknesses, you might be surprised how many people are ready to encourage you and give you a shoulder or a hand when you need it most.

CMC, I applaud you all and thank you for having me in for a visit, I look forward to hanging out again 🙂

Do you have a group of women who support and encourage you in life?  If you don’t, I highly encourage you to do a quick search in your area for a local gathering. You might think that sounds awkward, like the first day of kindergarten, but these women’s groups exist for you.  You can find support, deep friendship, and encouragement and their doors are wide open! Besides, who’s going to understand you better than a group of women who are experiencing much of what you’re experiencing?

Take a leap, get out there, and have fun!


Sandra from TidyTime

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