Organized CD & DVD Storage

organized cd dvd

amazon box

I was flipping through Amazon not too long ago and ran across storage boxes with character that I just couldn’t pass up.

This box is made by Snap-N-Store and holds 30 CDs in jewel cases (or their original cases) or 165 (WHAAAAAT!?) if you store them in paper sleeves.. I thought that was an awesome idea so I immediately went to look for some sleeves – I’m terrible at math but I can appreciate 165 being quite a bit more than 30. Sign me up.

So obviously I did a quick search for the sleeves and found these for just $2.70 at Amazon:

There are 100 CD sleeves in this box and if I use the whole thing, I’ll still have room inside the box to store more. Deal, squared.

So I happily welcome the new amazon box that arrives at my door and can’t wait to rip it open to find the following treats:


cd storage boxes

I went ahead to assemble the storage boxes (I actually didn’t even realize I ordered the 2-pack for $9.99…I had thought one box for that price would have been a deal. That means I can keep one for DVDs and one for CDs. Even more organizing splendor than I had planned!) and found out they’re actually really sturdy. They snap together at the corners with hardcore little buttons that mean business.


unfold it

buttoned up

metal accents

This literally took 20 seconds to assemble. Just the body of the box needs to be snapped together, the lid comes ready to go.

I was using these for DVDs so after starting to put the DVDs in sleeves back to back to back, I realized, without the cover and spine, I’d have to probably fish through to find what I was looking for every time. In comes the alphabetization station (it’s real to me). I found these alphabet stickers in the dollar section at Target:

alpha stickersI brought these home and cut some heavy scrapbook paper to use as dividers among the letters. Given the dimensions of the box, I cut the paper 5″ x 5.25″.

divider stickers

alpha cards

You want them taller than the sleeve so you can quickly find the letter you’re looking for.  I used two letters per “card” because I only have a handful of each letter (and not even every letter) so I feel like that would be a bit of a waste to use more cards when I could just consolidate and do less work.

label on the front

I slapped a transparent label on there and now I can use the other one for Wii games and the kids and I will be able to tell the difference.

DVD case

DVD CD cases

I’m so happy with the way this turned out. Since my son excitedly helped me organize by letter (it’s a first-born thing), it didn’t take more than 20 minutes to throw those bad boys in their sleeves. I later printed a label for the box next to it titled, “Wii GAMES”, so the kids would know where to dig 🙂

I think they’re happy in their new home. I can’t be sure, since they don’t talk much, but at least I’m happy they’re there.

Sandra from TidyTime

5 thoughts on “Organized CD & DVD Storage

    • Hey Emily 🙂 I just realized they also have a wider box that stores 330 in the sleeves, so maybe that would be a better option for you – 2 boxes for 660! 🙂 Here’s a link to them on Amazon

    • If you love your booklets, you should keep them 🙂 They probably won’t fit in the sleeves but you can put them right behind the sleeve(with the corresponding CD inside). That should work just right 🙂 I’ve used this idea for several people now and it works incredibly! So easy to maintain.

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