More Small Bathroom Solutions

More Small Bathroom Solutions

More Small Bathroom Solutions

One of our most common requests on the blog is what to do with small bathroom spaces. I happened to be traipsing across my friend Trudy’s Pinterest board, when I found a few fantastic ideas for small bathrooms. They are great space-savers and easy for anyone to install themselves (no, really – YOU can do it!).

Above Bathroom Door Storage-
Let’s go back in time; the original image is from 2004- Thanks, Martha! I could totally use this in my bathroom.

Martha Above Bathroom Door Storage

Here’s another example of the above-door shelving option, looking sharp with rolled towels:

More Above Bathroom Door Storage

Wine rack used as towel holder to maximize vertical space (Raise your hand – whose wine makes it all the way to the wine rack, anyhow? Didn’t think so…Cheers!) –

bathroom towel wine rack

This idea is a wonderful use of space: Towel rods with baskets attached by ribbon (for the sake of weight, I would recommend clasp hooks or even zip ties)-

baskets above toilet

Check out this link at simplydiy2 for more info on how to create it.

Towel rod on the side of a sink/mirror: Just attach some S-hooks and small buckets, and fill with your necessary items (hair tools, makeup brushes, face wash, etc.) – Voila!

Towel Rod and Buckets

Standing Wine Rack for Accessories– I’m not sweet on this exact style but, I like the idea of using a standing rack for lotions, body wash, hand towels, and so forth when you don’t have other available space. TIP: If they’re out in the open, I would suggest keeping everything in the same color family, or at least complementary.

Wine Rack for Accessories

Sliding Trays & Hooks- Another find from Martha’s page hits a two-in-one, sliding trays and hooks. Both are super handy in small spaces and can make the small difference from being annoyed to being “joyed”.

If you’re not into permanent hardware or are renting, I’m a huge fan of Command Hooks. Just be sure to buy the right size/weight-support for what you’re intending to hang on the hook. (They come in different weight increments.)

Sliding Trays & Hooks

Liz Marie was featured on, and shows you how to set up this great mason jar storage set-up. It’s cute, practical, and really inexpensive.

mason jar storage

I hope this leaves you with a few ideas for your own small bathroom!

Erin from Tidy Time

3 thoughts on “More Small Bathroom Solutions

  1. I made the mason jar storage recently when I redecorated my model at work! (I’m a property manager.) Obvi I found it on Pintrest. It was super easy and cheap! Gets a ton of compliments.

  2. Thanks for the vote on it! I actually have a very small first-floor bathroom and have been thinking about trying it. It looks super versatile- Q-tips, makeup brushes, razors, toothbrushes, guest/sample-sized items, Keurig cups- whatever helps get you going in the morning! Haha

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