Top of the Closet Storage

top of the closet

The top of the closet can be a tricky storage area. Often times the space is narrow or odd-sized. You can use methods such as folding off-season clothing items in bins, rolling your clothing, or folding and stacking items on top of each other. Here are some other options you may find useful.

Handbag / Purse Cubbies
I stumbled upon this “Park-a-Purse™ Organizer” at Lillian Vernon. It’s definitely handy yet, at $45 you may like to know that it’s available at Bed Bath & Beyond for $29.99 (plus you can sign up online for a 20% off coupon if they don’t already come in the mail).

Park a Purse

Shelf Dividers
These are great to keep items from flopping over and sliding into each other. Plow & Hearth has a really good deal on these wire shelf dividers at $12.95 for 4.  You can see an earlier post on this here with an alternate type for just $9.99!

Shelf Dividers Plow & Hearth

Diagonal Grid Cubbies
This could be a great idea for rolled-up sweaters, jeans or larger accessories. This particular item was hand-crafted.

Craft Closet

Stair-Step Tension Rods
This can be especially helpful for children’s closets. Hang one rod slightly lower and more forward than the other in the closet, to get double the amount of storage space. TIP: Try shower tension rods for even more expandable storage.

Stair Step Rods

Upside-Down Shelving Brackets
Buy them at Home Depot, Lowe’s, or anywhere you could find shelving – in any color, material or size that suits you (you may want to paint them to match the shelves). How To: Fasten them by drilling two screws in from the underside of the shelf.

Upside-Down Shelving Brackets

Shoe Storage Above Clothing
Cyndy at the came up with this great idea. I’ve seen it done before but, not exactly this way. You could paint the units neutral or bright colors to make them pop. Hint: You’ll need to tuck away a step-stool to reach your kicks but, it’s definitely worth it to use available all space in a compact setting.

Shoe Storage Above Clothing

A Mixture of All Things Good – Ursula’s closet (homemadebycarmona) is really one of my favorite’s- not to mention her handy layout. I especially like the use of hooks and the personal touches up top. If you’re going into your closet every day, you may as well love what you see! Check it out:

Carmona Ultimate Closet

The top of the closet may be a challenge but, it’s definitely workable and can be a relief when you find that you have usable space that was not previously taken advantage of. Use what you’ve got! 🙂

Erin from Tidy Time

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