Storage On the Cheap

chic storage options

When we organize, we always try to use what is already available in the home, prior to having people purchase items unnecessarily. You CAN buy a cute little wicker basket for your socks at (insert store name here) for $60 a pop but, is that really necessary?

You don’t need to spend much to wrangle up some storage options. As we’ve shown you in earlier posts, you can even use common recyclable items such as pop-can tabs, grocery containers, tissue boxes or even toilet paper rolls to partition and store smaller items. For larger items, you can still stay on a minimal budget and keep looking polished.

My sister found these drawers, spiffied them up and added caster wheels for under-the-bed storage.

before and after drawer #storage

JoAnn’s currently has wooden crate’s for $11.99 and I love the way Jill, from Made it on Monday, painted hers in a rustic denim blue. It’s apple season – if you can get your hands on some crates or know someone who can, take full advantage, because you can pretty them up for almost nothing. (I think they even look great naked.)

Leanne, from And Away We Go, took cardboard boxes and covered them with fabric, adding a label. Perfect!


The Container Store has a pretty good deal on these bins, for between $9.99 – $16.99, depending on size. They’re metal-framed and you can add a personal touch with labeling by photo or DIY tags.

If you’re an Amazon junkie and have medium – large boxes coming in, or have a child still in diapers, you can decorate the heck out of them with paper or fabric. You can also head over to Ye Olde Dollar Store and pick up some handy storage options.

Photo courtesy of Laura at

Look what you can do with items from the dollar store and some pretty labels! Jen, from put her her pantry into order fabulously; I never would have guessed the containers were Dollar Store items…

Photo courtesy of Jen at

What are your favorite low-cost organizing options?

Erin from Tidy Time

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