Dining Room Reveal + How-To

dining room reveal

So now it’s time to reveal the decision it only take me 6 months to make (not taking into account the countless hours of drooling done for the same ideas on pinterest over the last year).  Here’s the finished dining room, along with some steps to show you how I got here.

Dining Room by It's Tidy Time

Here are some tools I used:

level, frog tape, pencil, tape measure

I started with a pencil, measuring tape, level & frog tape (Besides paint, roller & shur-line, which I’ll reference in a min).

I measured my wall from the very top down to the top part of the trim.
DON’T measure all the way to the floor if you have trim!

painted with inches

From there, I took my pencil and made a slight mark every 15.66″. Then, I took my level and making sure it was straight, made a line all the way to the other side of the wall (by the window). *Don’t worry about the pencil line, make it light, but still, you’ll be painting over that! (Total time = 2 min.)

Do this again for each line you’re going to create. I decided to go with 6 rows, so I had 5 lines to make. (Total time =10 min.)  Big bold rows tend to look better on a larger surface area. I don’t think it would look as good if I decided to do it on every wall in the house, for instance. But as an accent wall, yes please!

Let’s say you’re painting the top row, like I did, then, starting from the top, you’ll take your painters tape and place it just barely BELOW the pencil line you made. This ensure that it will be painted over.

For the next line, you’ll tape so that the bottom part of the tape sits just barely ABOVE the pencil line, since you’ll be painting underneath that. Total taping time took me about 10 minutes.

If that’s hard to follow, take a look at these photos and see if they help:

pencil lines

mark not painting

Cut in with a paint brush or one of these magical treasures:

shurline painterUsing this saved me at least a handful of minutes so total time for cutting into the ceiling edge, corners, and against the tape; 8 minutes.  Then I just used a roller for the rest, applied two coats of white paint+primer combination (15 minutes between each coat). Total time for rolling; 22 minutes.


After you paint with your roller, immediately remove your painters tape and stand back and marvel at how awesome you are. Yeah, you rock that hard.

before and after dining room

Total hands-on project time took me 52 minutes from measurement to tape removal. If I add in the 15 minute break between coats, you’re looking at just over an hour (don’t make me do the math-my brain is small).

I give my inspiration credit to the first “how-to” post I was able to connect to, which came across for this at the HoneyWe’reHome blog. Take a look at her color choice and entry; fabulousness.

If you decide to take on a project like this for an accent wall, entry, or hallway (any room for that matter), I’d love to hear about it! Send pics. 🙂

Sandra from TidyTime

6 thoughts on “Dining Room Reveal + How-To

    • Thank you! I can’t believe what a difference it’s made in the “mood” of the room…just more calm now. Thanks for commenting love!

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