Under The Bed Cleanout

under bed cleanout

So it’s officially fall (has been for a bit I guess) and that means a couple of things; hibernation-eating mode, and hibernation storing mode.

We humans can tend to not only gather up some not-so-good-for us food, but can also gather and inefficiently store off season items just to get them out of our sight for a while, and to make room for this season’s wares.

I wrote, not so long ago, on the negative effects of clutter and what it can do to demotivate and cause all kinds of yuck.
A lot of us can’t always get away from using some type of storage bin or drawer under the bed in an effort to create space for ourselves.  So if you do have storage under your bed that’s crucial for you, do yourself a favor and make sure the contents are nicely organized.

Take out the storage bin or drawer and do a quick cleaning under there. Get rid of dust giants and other objects that may have slipped under there accidentally over the months. At the very least, you’ll have a tidy and clean space to rest.

You might also know that even Feng Shui discourages the practice of storage under the bed, or anything at all under the bed for that matter (see this post from Open Spaces Feng Shui). And although we can’t always get EVEYRTHING out from under there, getting as much as possible is a great start.

Remember, this is a season that includes keeping the windows shut and becoming a victim of recirculated air for a series of months.  If you can hedge against that with a thorough under-the-bed cleaning, you’ll feel much better about it, I’m convinced.  You just might find that you’ve given yourself more motivation to tidy up other areas of the home too!

Cheers to Contagious cleanliness 🙂

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