Drawer Dividers & Conquerers

11 drawerganizing

There are so many creative solutions to use if you’re looking to subdivide and categorize inside a drawer, or if you just don’t want things sliding all around.

I’ve gotten several requests for a compilation of types of drawer dividers to use so that there is one place for you to go to browse them all (well, not everything in the world, just enough to get you what you need).

There are DIY options (re-purposed items) and products manufactured for the purpose of dividing drawers for keeping items separate.

Here goes!


target drawer divider

Target has these dividers, which come in a 6-pack and cost $14.99. (not an affiliate link, I just recognize a great deal when I see one). These monkeys are great for underwear drawers but can definitely be used for utility drawers or bathroom drawers-think facial products, hair bands, makeup, etc…with the multi-compartment piece.


cardboard box flaps

Box flaps from any cardboard box can be a great and free way to divide items in your drawers. I like to use these for clothes mostly, because they tend to stay where they’re put when it comes to fabric. You could always put them in a drawer for other items and tape them on either side so that they stay secure. That has worked for me too. A less pretty option, but if you don’t mind or if it’s in a place that’s often unseen, it’s a great solution. Check out how they do it at FoldingTrees.com:

folding trees divider


wooden kitchen drawerThese are great for inside a kitchen drawer, which tend to be a bit shallow (don’t hold that against them-they were raised that way). For typically loose kitchen items like spatulas, mixers, can openers, etc., this is great at keeping things in their place (they’re bossy too). *This product link is an affiliate to amazon.


storage compartments for #organizing

These are from Madesmart and I found these particular ones at Marshalls. You can also get them at amazon here (affiliate link). I did a post on these here, a while back.  The great thing about these guys is that you can use as many or as few as you want. They all clip together, whichever size you choose, so it can be customized to different sized drawers. I ended up using a few of mine in one of my office drawers and the rest in my nightstand.


JUNK DRAWER ORGANIZER(Link above is an affiliate) Although i haven’t yet purchased one of these – I’m dying to. This makes so much sense for offices and kids drawers. My children seem to love to collect random items and hold on to small things that can’t seem to be categorized ever, so I’m thinking this would be such a tidy solution to either one of their rooms.


belt storage before and afterThis option is great for belt storage, which is obviously what I’m using it for (ignore the awful lighting difference please and thank you).  Unfortunately, Target doesn’t seem to sell these any longer but I’ve since seen great comparables to this at TJ Maxx, Target and sometimes Wal-Mart (What?  I like being able to wear my pajamas in public without judgement…).


pretty drawer options

So we’ll start with the clear acrylic (sold at Target stores, but not online…boo) – I LOVE this for a couple reasons. It discreetly separates items and creates a bit of clean glamour in a drawer. It’s great for makeup products or bathroom essentials like bobby pins, small hair ties, lip balms, whatever.  But, you can get gnarly with the washi tape and trick it out on the bottom of each tray compartment. Extra glam. Everybody’s got time for that.

The printed ones (not an affiliate link) are also from Target and I love them for the office more than the bathroom-still got love for the bathroom though-because they’re a bit deeper and I tend to have more use for that in a desk drawer.


tissue box collage

This was a post I did a little while ago on using an empty tissue box as a drawer divider. It’s pretty self explanatory but you can click on the picture if you’d like to see the post. (See the bonus bell pepper container idea!)


itstidytime twitter drawer org

This gray guy (slightly hidden, my apologies) was found at the trusty Dollar Tree ’round town and so for $1, it turns out you can buy love.

Tidy on friends, and put those pesky drawers in their place!

Sandra from TidyTime

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