Nearly Free Products I LOVE to Re-purpose

repurposed products to love

Unused Purses or Bags

polka dot gap bag

Use an old bag or purse to store items you need seasonally, or regularly!(Click on picture for post!)

Pop Can Tabs

don't take up much room

Pop can tabs can be used to hang hangers in layers to create extra storage room in your closet. (Click on picture for post!)

Baskets or Bins

organized socks

Baskets or shallow bins can be used to store belts, socks, underwear and other smaller clothing items. (Click on picture for post!)


cardboard box flaps

Cardboard box flaps can be used as drawer dividers and basket dividers. (Click on picture for post!)

Tissue Boxes

organize with tissue box

A tissue box can be used as a drawer organizer, even in shallow drawers! (Click on picture for post!)

Old Dresser Drawers

before and after drawer #storage Find dresser drawers on Craig’s List or even at the side of the road the day before garbage day. Re-purpose to use as rolling storage for under your bed or coffee table! (Click on picture for post!)

Pool Noodles

You are the lieutenant of your shoe army.

Pool noodles can be used as boot-shapers. They can be cut to any size and create little soldiers in your closet, rather than soggy, sloppy space-wasters. (Click on pictures for post!)

Toilet Paper Roll


 You can reuse toilet paper rolls for cord storage, not just in the bathroom, but in every room. (Click on picture for post!)

Old Candle Jars

Repurpose Candles Title Photo

Candle jars are perhaps my most favorite thing to reuse because they can be used for so many different storage options. Click on the picture for a ton of ideas on what to do with candles once the wax is gone. (There’s a tutorial in the post on how to take the wax out cleanly and perfectly every time!)

“These are a few of my favorite things” now won’t stop ringing in my ears…Thanks, post.

Enjoy your day!

Sandra from TidyTime

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