Bag it and Tag it

Bag and Tag for organizing

Contrary to the title, this post won’t be about a night time drama crime mystery – It’s actually about storing your items in containers and labeling them. Much more thrilling, wouldn’t you agree?

I like to use box containers, baskets, and reuse small fabric bags where I can, especially if they zip closed (I’m not a fan of having things “hanging out” for me to see. Keep it contained and it’s always easier to look at).

Enter an old Gap bag from high school. Come to think of it, it was probably a cosmetic bag, but I wasn’t what you might call “fashionable” or “aware” or “girly” in high school. So to me, that was just a really rad purse. Anyway, it was being utilized for random kid-markers for the longest time. When I inventoried my kids’ school supplies, I pared down a ton and realized I didn’t need this polka-dotted darling for markers anymore. *IDEA* Suncsreen products! So in they went, just enough space, no crowding, happiness ensued, etc.

polka dot gap bag

I had a cosmetic bag for travel that I rarely used, even though I liked it. I just don’t travel often enough to justify having it sit around doing nothing like some lazy squatter.  I also liked the idea of having a separate container for sunscreen products and tanning products so I wouldn’t have to dig around for the type of screen.

green cosmetic bag

I decided to store all the oddly large tanning / low SPF bottles inside ol’ greenie. Then I thought, “I’m on my own organizing these things and no one but me, knows what I just did”. Rather than having a family tutorial session *YAWN* I just decided to slap some labels on them.

Using some twine and a couple cloth/paper scrapbooking material I had leftover, I just doodled the tags and tied them to the straps.

bag it and tag it

It always just makes me feel better having sub-organization within an organized space. It’s like having an awesome ice cream cone with a bunch of candy bits inside and then dipping it in your favorite topping.  What? I like candy….

If you love to bag and tag, like this post 😉

Sandra from TidyTime

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