Sock Drawer-ganization

sock basket before

It’s clear, based on my recent posts, that I’ve been spending quite a bit of time paying attention to my neglected drawers.

Yesterday morning’s air offered a bit of chill so I decided I was going to reach for some boot socks, which are kept in my closet in a basket.  I approached the closet, excited to throw some cute boot socks on with some fun fall attire and then I found this:

messy sock drawer

EWW! What!? How did that even get like that (I hate clutter and messiness and I’m still as guilty as the next gal…clearly).

Since my son just had a birthday, there was some extra cardboard box ready to go out to the recycling bin, but not before I got my paws on it!  A chance to re-purpose AND organize….say no more.

I cut the flaps off the top of the box and got these two pieces:

cardboard box flaps

Then, quite naturally, I removed the disastrous contents so that I could start fresh.

empty basket

I started rolling my socks and tights and stood them up on their ends so that they’d stay put a little better.  It worked beautifully and rolling them was so fast. I know it’s a tactic I’ll be able to keep up too, since you can roll them fast and a bit sloppy but they still look tidy.

organized socks

I have a sock drawer in my dresser that I use for casual socks and “everyday” socks but it’s a bit small and I’d prefer to have the tights and dressier socks separate anyway.  That’s why I even have a “sock basket” (does that exist outside of my bubble? If not, lie to me so i don’t feel crazy…).

I like to keep this basket right inside my closet so that I can easily compare color against the type of outfit I choose for any particular morning (my eyes are usually swollen shut before 9 am so I need all the help I can get).

sock drawer in the closet

So now the challenge, KEEP IT THIS WAY.  I’ll do my best to practice what I preach and since I have those cardboard dividers in there, I think I’ll be far more successful than my prior attempt.

There you go friends, put your cardboard bits to work and do share your organizing fun with me! I love your emails and personal success stories!

Cheers 🙂

Sandra from TidyTime

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