Drawer-ganization: Before & After

I’m only doing a short post today, just to show you a little before and after with “drawerganizing” that I did in my office desk.

Remember those MadeSmart items I snagged at Marshall’s a little while back (see post here)? I finally put them to work for one of my supply drawers.

The drawer was a collection of washi tape, decorative tape, thank you cards, note cards, index cards, miscellaneous electronics, and a few others.

thought I had some order to this drawer but recently I stopped lying to myself. I was reminded of the MadeSmart organizing dividers when I saw them in the store again. I realized this was the perfect spot for them (some of them…i wasn’t able to use all of them because there were 12 different sized dividers in a pack and I only had room for some in this drawer).

storage compartments

So I started out with this:

disorganized desk drawer

And after a bit of Madesmart action, I was able to give everything a categorized home and turned it into this:

organized drawer

So if you’re in need for something awesome, handy, and relatively inexpensive, this is my current fave. Did I mention every piece is able to interlock with another piece so they’re not sliding all over the joint every time you open your drawer? Genius. MadeSmart, you live up to your intelligent name.

Love and hugs,

Sandra from TidyTime

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