Writing Utensil Separation Without the Anxiety

#organize pens and pencils

I was reusing certain  candle jars (click here for a step by step on how to get the wax out and repurpose them properly) this evening when I discovered that I could consolidate and so I ended up with a couple extras. Then when I went to nest one inside the other in order to store them, I had an epiphany. The result: NOT STORING THEM….TOTALLY USING THEM!!

candle jars for #storage

nest jars inside one another for #storage

pencils go in the little jar for #storage

#organized #storage separate writing tools

#organized #tidy #storage separated writing utensils

So simple, those Russian nesting dolls really know their stuff.  It just makes it easier when you go to grab for a pen vs. a pencil; this way you won’t have to fish or work too hard. I don’t like to work too hard.

Obviously works on Sharpies too, as you can see:


Works with Shapries too



Time for me to get me some more tidy…


Sandra from TidyTime

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