Use These to Get Organized

organize with tissue box

Using these two magical items that are very likely found in your own home, you can get your drawers organized. You’re probably ahead of me already, but just in case, I’ll walk you through with some visual aids πŸ™‚

cut the bottom of box

cut box

free drawer organizer

Use your new tissue box drawer divider for any type of drawer. I’ve also used this concept in the bathroom for makeup in drawers, rubber bands in the office drawer, extra 3M hooks in the hallway closet, Kool-aid packets in the cupboard. As you can see, you can really get some kinda crazy with it. Β πŸ˜‰

Enjoy this 2 minute organizing project and feel free to share your ideas!

Sandra from TidyTime

4 thoughts on “Use These to Get Organized

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