Color Code Your Clothes

The simple technique of color coding helps to keep you closet organized

The post title says it all. My work is done.

But in case you want to know why, I’ll continue :)…


  1. Your closet just looks more inviting. It’s friendly and welcoming when you open the door. When you can evoke that kind of emotion just by opening your closet in the morning, it’s a great start to your day.
  2. It’s exponentially easier to choose an outfit. The like-colors are already grouped together for you, so you don’t have to go digging, one by one, through your hangers for something that might “go”.
  3. It creates a sense of order in your closet. Some antonyms of order are; disorganized, confusion, imbalance, mess, disagreement, etc… Which one would you prefer to have in your closet?
  4. Retailers do it. I believe I’ve made my point. 😉
  5. We dress by mood. A lot of times we dress by mood, and don’t even realize it. When your clothes are organized by color, it’s easier to be drawn in to what you’re going to be most comfortable in for that day.
  6. Staying organized is easier. When your clothes are put away by color, you intuitively know where to put things. It makes it very simple to hang your clothes back up in order, rather than shoving them wherever.

color code your closet

We spend a ton of money on clothes. Maybe not all the time, or all at once, but if you added up the purchase prices of all the items in your closet, you’re likely looking at thousands of dollars spent. Wouldn’t you just feel better if you knew you were respecting those purchases by taking care of your clothes?


My son's closet

My son’s closet

Kids can do this too. In fact, it makes it far easier for children to hang their clothes in their closet. They’ll be able to match by color and won’t feel as intimidated by the prospect of hanging clothes. That’s one less task you have to do-SWEET!

6 thoughts on “Color Code Your Clothes

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  2. I love what you did with my daughter’s closet. I didn’t remember the color coordination until I looked at your tips here though. I’ll correct that later today.

    • That’s great Sonja! It’s been amazing working with your family 🙂 The color coordination should make it easier for your daughter to adopt the idea of where to place things. Let us know how it goes!

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