Belt Storage Made Tidy

belt storage coverI’ve seen a ton of different types of hanging belt storage, which usually look really great and serve their purpose.
The one thing I never liked about hanging your belts though, is that it reminds me of a coat rack for belts(*TANGENT ALERT*). “So what’s wrong with coat racks lady?!”, they holler, here’s why I don’t want them in my home:

  • There’s no order / it looks cluttered
  • If a basket of laundry, also temporary, is not a decoration, a rack of currently unused coats shouldn’t be either.

Compare the two pictures below:

coat racks

So you can decide for yourself, but I’m a much bigger fan of the picture on the right, all day, every day.

The same principle applies to the belt concept. You can have belts hanging in their own spot. You know where they are, they’re all together, it serves its purpose, etc. BUT, what if you could have that same function and have them even tidier looking and tucked away?

organized belts

I used a storage compartment from Target, which was purchased about 5 years ago, but you could find a very similar item here.

Here’s my before (empty) and after:

belt container 2

belt container 1

belts stored in container

belts organized in drawer

Reasons for loving this style of belt storage:

  • Helps belts last longer (they’re rolled up, not getting knocked into eachother
  • Helps the belts keep their shape
  • It’s easy to see, and grab, the belt you want
  • It’s tucked away, tidily, out of sight
  • Easy to organize by color

And hey, if you’re someone who likes to hang the belts because you feel it’s easier for you-I’m not hatin’.  I totally get that. Certain things just work better for some people.  My way is not the only way.  I’m just offering up a new way to do it in case it sparks an interest, because it certainly has helps me in my belt management.

Cheers loves,

Sandra from TidyTime

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