Whistle While You Shop

The New Girl Gets Some Shopping Advice

The New Girl Gets Some Shopping Advice

Perhaps I seem approachable, or perhaps I am emitting a, “Let ME help!” signal – I’m not sure which. In any case, I’m more than happy to lend a hand to a shopper in need. I find myself helping people to solve organizing problems through helpful decision-making and encouragement. Sometimes people just want someone to listen to them or bounce ideas off of. Other times, they are truly stuck in a rut and need guidance.

My sister and I were browsing the isles of a certain store, where one can feel like a “maxxinista” (you know the one!), commenting on everything we picked up, when a friendly older woman approached us. “Excuse me girls, could I please get your help? I’m going to a wedding…”

Immediately our ears perked up and all eyes were on her. The woman actually had everything all pulled together very tastefully and, after weighing her other choices, we stuck with her original pick.

There was a sturdy, leather photo frame with an embossed pattern (looked exactly like this one from Graphic Image but was $6.99), a metal easel / stand (such as these I found on Etsy – I love Etsy!) for about $10, and a large decorative box to contain them.

All of these items can serve multiple uses. We suggested that upon giving the gift, she either insert a handwritten note or a meaningful quote inside the frame. The stand could be used for a) the picture frame with the note or a photo, b) a cookbook or other book, or c) a tablet/iPad in the kitchen while cooking. The box had a beautiful pattern and could be used in the bedroom, a closet, or on any room to hold items. It was black and white and the pattern was neither damask nor paisley but something unique and very pretty.

black photo / picture frameArtistic Pair of Black Iron Easels / Book Holder

She also asked for some fashion advice on her accessories, and was so extremely grateful that it was just heartwarming. She thanked us over and over. THIS IS WHAT WE LOVE. It’s the best feeling!

To top it off, she asked us where we were from, and when we said Canada originally, she said, “Me too!” To make the world seem even smaller, we were all born in the city of Hamilton. Well, we hope you have a wonderful time at that wedding, and the lovely couple has a very thoughtful gift coming their way!

Erin from Tidy Time

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