Storing Your Summer Shoes

Store your seasonal items for extra space and it'll also help your accessories stay nicer, longer

It’s almost Fall time and that means a gear shift in food, attire, schedules, and outdoor smells. It’s also a good time to purge (temporarily) your clothing and shoes and make room for the bulky stuff in your closet.

I like to do my best to stay away from storing clothes, jackets, shoes, and purses in the basement because I’ve already experienced a musty smell that haunts some of my accessories. No thanks.

This year, I decided to make use of an under-the-bed storage Tupperware that was given to me this week. It even has wheels so I can just roll that beast wherever I want and it won’t scrape my floors.

I put all of my open toe shoes in the container and shed a tear as I bid them farewell for the moment. They all fit pretty well when I stood them up, until I got to the 5″ heels (don’t judge me, my boyfriend’s 6’6″…I can’t reach). So I laid them on their side instead. They don’t look as pretty that way, but the top closes so it’s functional (You could also get a deeper container as long as it will fit underneath your bed).

I would love it if they would fit when they stood up though 😦 …that way, it’ll look like they’re super excited to be tried on when I say hello again in Spring!

So here’s what they look like standing up and laying on their side:

heels standing up heels lying on side

Storing your seasonal items not only clears space in your closet or drawers, but it gives you an opportunity to get excited about your items once you finally take them out of storage! Another bonus for storing shoes seasonally is that you can avoid beating them up with your winter wear being taken in and out of the closet daily, possibly scuffing them.

Just another way you can store your goodies 🙂

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