Secret Tip to STAY Organized

Staying Organized Secret

If you’ve reached the point where you’ve committed to maintaining an organized approach to your home, work and/or life, congratulations!

Getting your space(s) organized is the first and hardest step but a crucial piece is keeping it that way. You don’t want to have wasted all your time and energy just to see it fall apart into a cluttered mess again. Chances are good, though, that if you’ve created an organized space (even just an area is a great start!), you know how good that feels and you’re already incentivised to keep it that way because of that feeling.

Here’s a secret to keeping that motivation in place:


When you decorate your organized spaces, they’re going to invite you to keep them pretty. They’ll be more fun to look at and you’ll be far more committed to keeping that portion of your home tidy.

The same thing goes for a killer outfit you’ve been dying to put on for the first time. It looks amazing, you’re not going to eat anything sloppy at a restaurant because I’ll be danged if you let that thing get ruined.

Let the desire to decorate infect you because when you start to infuse your home with your own unique style, it will feel more like you and you’ll be even more proud to call it your own.

For inspiration, check out some of these DIY sites and decorating gurus. These women do a phenomenal job:

IHeart Organizing

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