Cord Management for Any Room – Cheap Solutions!

Solutions for cord management

Now that electronics have a permanent place in our lives, cords are going to be here for the foreseeable future. Most of us LOVE our electronics but hate the obnoxious behavior of the cords (we touch on this here). Just to get you revved up (and on my side) I’ll list some things I hate about cords:

-they knot up seemingly on their own

-they take forever to untangle

-they collect dust bunnies giants behind furniture

-if they’re plugged into a power bar, I usually have to unwind EVERYTHING in order to find out which cord I’m trying to unplug

(If you have any to add, by all means…comment!)


Here are some favorites that help me avoid flying into cord-induced rage fits:

Cable Monkey (or cat…)

cable monkey

They’re ADORABLE and $3.49 each at Amazon. BUT, I found them at the dollar section in Target last month too!

Cord Management Straps

Contemporary Cable Management – it’s only $9 and totally hidden!
Pipe Cleaners
While they’re not being used, store your cords or cables wound with pipe cleaner. You can get a ton for $1 at the Dollar Tree and go nuts.
I found a pack of 6 at for $1.99, free shipping. It takes a couple weeks, because it’s coming from China, but I am so loyal to this site. They are fanatical about customer service. I’ve never been let down.
Binder Clips = Cord Organizers
What are these per pack, like $1? Yes please.
At least one of these solutions is likely to make your life easier. Give it a try and let us know which one you like best!
Sandra from TidyTime

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