What Does Your Gravatar Say About You?

Courtesy of http://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-GravatarI am a new addition to the blogosphere, yet one thing immediately stands out that I hadn’t noticed as “just a reader”. Your GRAVATAR If you’re a blogger, or browse through blogs frequently, you probably know what they are or have at least seem them. “What the junk is a gravatar?”, some others are wondering. Not that movie with the tall blue creatures, or the cartoon Avatar, but the icon and bio which represent your online identity. They are those little images next to people’s comments or blog post. Heres ya goes!

gravatar definition

See, here is Sandra’s little face peeking out from her Gravatar! 

This is what my sister, Sandra's Gravatar looks like. Check out those pearly ha-whites!

If you "hover" with your mouse, you can see part of the person's profile (unless "hovercards" are turned off).

If you “hover” over a small Gravatar with your mouse, you can see part of the person’s profile (unless “hovercards” are turned off).


a) Some bloggers have Gravatars, some don’t: Each to their own.

b) However, some of you have a Gravatar (and even mention your blog in your Gravatar profile) yet, there is no web address or link to your web-worthy gems…are you aware of this?  (YES, I clicked right on your face- I want to know more about you; You seem interesting! I may want to follow your blog but, I just….can’t…find it!) 

Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog.

If you’re ready to edit your Gravatar- 

  1. go to http://en.gravatar.com/
  2. sign in with your username/password (or create new)
  3. on the top right, point your mouse near your photo (or blank gravatar icon if you have not uploaded a photo yet) and choose “edit my profile” Edit Gravatar Profile

Fill in whatever you wish in the “about me” section, then look to the LEFT where it says “VERIFIED SERVICES” – This is where you will want to add your WordPress blog, if you have one. You may also add twitter and facebook (although I’m not sure a facebook “like” or fan page is allowed) Check out all these other options:

Don't let your Gravatar slide as a way to promote your blog / service /company or self!

Don’t let your Gravatar slide as a way to promote your blog / service /company or self!

Then, for the ‘ole one-two punch, I like to add a couple links as reinforcement. I head down to “My Links”, type in the URL (i.e. https://itstidytime.wordpress.com) then add  the Link Title (i.e. “Tidy Time” blog) then click “Add”.

edit gravatar links

If you wish to promote yourself, be sure to add the relevant info. (The Blog Tyrant has some pretty great things to offer up about Gravatars, and has definitely got me longing for a fancy profile pic. I do suggest reading it.)

Any questions?

I hope to see your square-shaped likeness, in the form of a Gravatar, around here soon!

Have a wonderful day!

Sincerely, Erin

Erin from Tidy Time

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