Why You Need a List

why you need a list

You may have piles of “to-do”s around the house; little projects or tasks that you intend to get to as soon as you have  a free moment. Items for donation, home improvements, items to sell on eBay, thank you notes, etc.

The Intention: “These piles will serve as visual reminders for me and when I see the pile, I’ll get working on it.”

The Reality: These projects/tasks are likely scattered about the house in various rooms.  You’re passing by them as you’re in the middle of doing something. Which means that when you’re passing them, you don’t have the time to get to them, because you’re in the middle of something else and they just sit there unattended, lonely, and feeling unimportant 😦

What to do: Instead of making piles of things half-way done or just undone, make a list that is able to be seen in a very highly trafficked area of your home; i.e. kitchen, entryway, garage door.  Create a list with the most annoying or frustrating item at the very top (see why, here) and the next most difficult and so on.

Magic happens when you make a list. Not only is an age-old tested visual reminder system in itself, but it’s something that shows you you’ve accomplished something. It’s powerful; when you cross an item off a list you feel empowered, focused, self-confident and happy. Another bonus is that you’ll see the progress on your list of the items crossed off as you get to them, and it will motivate you to do more.

It’s super simple but it’s totally effective.@karenkingston writes a great post on this.

Isn’t it almost always better when we keep anything simple?  The one thing you want to be careful of is making tons of lists-if you do, you’re far less likely to get to anything and it will become overwhelming.

Keep it simple and keep one main list for those more time intensive projects mentioned above, and a daily list if you need one (for my own daily lists, I typically keep them in my calendar on my phone, that way I get a visual AND auditory reminder). Get inspired by your progress and watch your day fall in line!

‘Til the next tidy time…

Sandra from TidyTime

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