How to Duct-Out Your Pens

duct taped pens

Gel pens are fun, but one color for your pen is SO boring (I bore easily)! Since Duck brand duct tape has decided to spoil us with amazing prints, rather than the standard silver/gray, we now have the pleasure of coming up with amazing little projects to enjoy them. In good ol’ fashioned American Back-To-School spirit, I decided to go the stationary route.


Here’s what I used:

Here’s how I did it: step 1 for pen Step 1: Take one of your gel pens and twist the two main components apart. Leave the part, shown on the right in the picture, to the side for now-you’re not decorating that end, just the tube with the ink in it. step 2 cut strip Step 2: Cut a small strip of tape (I used a 1.5″x 3/4″ strip for my pen…if you have a little extra, you can just wrap it around). In the picture you can see that the tape is on a piece of paper. It’s much easier to cut duct tape when you have it stuck to paper. Mine was a glossy paper that I didn’t mind cutting up. step 3 wrap tape Step 3: Wrap the little strip of tape you just cut, around the very end of the pen. You don’t want it to close to the other end (if you’re looking at the picture, I’m referring to the left side of the pen-stay away from there) because when you put the two pieces of pen back together, this could squish the tape. It ends up getting in the way of the plastic threads.

Your wrap should look like this:

pen wrapped

Step 4: Then take the other end of the pen you left off to the side, and screw it back together 🙂

step 4 screw pen

Step 5: Admire how awesome you are and how no one else has a sick custom pen like you do. You could totally do this with any printed tape or washi tape, of course. I just happen to have access to some thrilling prints of Duck brand so I let it rip on as many pens as I could get my grubby paws on.

You can totally match your pens to your school binders (and tons of other things too), like I did here for my sister:

duct tape notebooks duct tape notebooks and tape

I hope you try this and have so much fun! If it’s not for you, pass it on to someone you might think has a little extra time for personalizing their gear:)  Thanks for hangin’ out!


Sandra from TidyTime

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