A Post-Grocery Shopping Routine for Your Sanity

If you’re not already doing this, you should be. As soon as you get home with groceries, unload your goods and divide your fruits, vegetables and meats (if applicable). Put your boxed/dry goods into the cupboard or pantry. Divide and freeze the meat you’re not going to use within the next few days, saving some for the fridge.

groceries 1    groceries 2

groceries 6groceries 3  

Rinse and chop your veggies into snack-sized and/or diced portions (I like to do a little of both so that when I’m cooking I can just grab a handful and toss them in, no extra work). 

groceries 4

Doing this right away will not only save TIME in future snack, lunch and dinner-prep but will also save SPACE in your refrigerator/freezer.

I tend to run out of space rather quickly, so I can use all the space I can get, such as that extra baggage on the cauliflower caboose.

Side-note: While I don’t allow my children to freely graze like characters from Lord of the Flies, I do leave dishes of chopped healthy snacks at kid-level in the fridge, so that when they ask permission (and I’m either busy, resting or giving them a moment of freedom) I’ll let them get themselves a snack – feelin’ like a grown up! I also have a drawer where I keep cups, bowls and plates within their reach for the same reason.

groceries 5

Simple things like this will make your week much less stressful!

P.S. Those snowboarding goggles really do keep your eyes dry. A $2 pair of swim goggles would work equally as well. You don’t need to suffer through a watery chop session or worse, buy a pair of over-priced, official “Onion Goggles” to avoid mussing your mascara.

Erin's Onion GogglesErin from Tidy Time

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