Which Type of Digital Storage Should I Use?

which type of digital storage

You can make photo books online rather than keep mass amounts of pictures in boxes/albums – This doesn’t mean that you need to delete every digital file you have if you happen to make a photo book out of them; but it does mean that you should be scrutinous as to which photos you decide to keep. And you can feel better about deleting photos if you have printed them out into a tangible album.

If you decide to keep the digital files, keep only what you would print, delete the rest. Let’s be honest, you likely have infinitely more photographs of your life and your children(if you have them) than your parents did. We’re used to being able to keep every photograph but it’s not practical, given that memory for digital storage costs money.

I know sometimes it feels like, “Well all 5 pictures are SO good, and they’re of my child so how COULD I delete any of them!?” (This is coming from my own internal and irrational dialogue) But it’s key to remember that you’re not deleting your CHILD, just a duplicate or triplicate photo of them. And because we don’t pay for film anymore (“what’s film mommy?”), it makes it easy to “over-shoot” in our picture taking frenzies.

The following is a list of types of digital storage you may be used to seeing, listed in order of most-for-your-money to least-for-your-money:

external hard drive

external hard drives (about $35-$100, depending on storage size; you get much more storage here than you would in a USB storage device, but these are larger than USB devices, which fit in your pocket…if you need that)

usb drive
USB storage devices (about $10-$80, depending on storage size-see how we discuss managing storage on an USB device here)

SD card

SD Cards (about $7-$85, depending on storage size. Storage with these is much more limited for your money)

Whichever your pleasure, it’s gonna cost you, as seen in the corresponding pricing approximation. So be considerate of that when you’re deciding which photos you can feel okay about deleting.

Another option is the new-found cultural favorite; cloud storage. You have options for your cloud storage and Paul (@Stammy) talks about his favorite here.

He favors Amazon’s storage, “Amazon Glacier”, but there is also Dropbox, GoogleCloud, and Box.com.

Another option, I’m told is superior, is Carbonite, which allows you to store unlimited files at about $60/year. I have some friends that use this as an option as absolutely swear by it.

Photos are important to most of us; they help us remember, they help inspire us, they remind us of where we came from, and they can be a great source of encouragement. Saving your precious photo memories is likely important to you, so think about which style of storage might be convenient for you and do give yourself some peace of mind by storing them somewhere besides your computer’s hard drive; because when crashes happen, it’s devastating to pictures 😦 crying over memory storage lost

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