Tidy Up Your Clothes by Filing Them

clothes organized and filedFiling totally works for paperwork but guess what else it works well for?? (Did the title give it away?) Pretty much all your clothes have the potential to be filed. But ‘why’, you ask? My darlings, I said so. Also, because of the following reasons;

  • It makes it extremely easy to see all your clothes
  • It makes it easier to find/pick out what you need
  • Your clothes have a difficult time getting sloppy this way
  • It’s easy to categorize by type this way

organize with filed shirts

I filed my shirts by using this technique (I don’t have the tool she uses, I just fold them roughly the same way. I want to get that though, look at how perfectly her shirts turned out!) from http://www.Alejandra.tv. It turns out, they really don’t fall over when you go to take one out. So if you’re expecting an avalanche of shirts cascading on each other when you reach for just one, you won’t get it-breath easy:)
organize by filing your pants

I have a fairly deep drawer where I keep all my “bottoms”. I decided to give this drawer a shot at the filing system I implemented with my shirts. To my giddy delight, it totally works!  All I did was fold them length-wise in half, then fold them in half (end to waist), and then in half once more. If you have a shallow drawer, you may have to attempt a different folding style to allow it to fit, but I know you’ll be happy when you do!

file your bras ORGANIZED

Don’t forget the bras! This is the easiest one because you fold absolutely nothing, you just line them up like little soldiers. This is not only pleasant to look at when you open your drawer, but it’s also the best way to add life to the shape and structure of your bras. They’re expensive! Keep them nice longer:)

Have fun trying this and if you have any other articles of clothing you like to file, let me know!


Sandra from TidyTime

2 thoughts on “Tidy Up Your Clothes by Filing Them

  1. i totally file my clothing. I need to have everything in it’s place. I find it easier to put together outfits =) great post

    • Yay -a fellow clothing file supporter 🙂 It’s way easier for me to figure out what to wear that way too-great call! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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