Never Leave a Room Empty-Handed

Clutter breeds, like an ugly disease. It sees another piece of clutter and it’s like, “ooooh, we should get together and make some more of ‘us’ “.  Ewww….anyway, the best way to maintain a room’s tidiness, is to never let yourself wander into another room without picking something up and taking it to it’s home.

Rule of thumb:

See it, pick it up, take it back to it’s home.


Take immediate action! Often times we’ll notice something sitting where it may not belong and think, “I’ll get to that in a minute, or on my next pass through this room”. But as procrastination history tells us, this seldom works as planned. The more logical and highly effective method is to take immediate action and put whatever’s lying around, away, immediately. Do yourself a favor and carry this message on to the rest of your family too. Unlike clutter disease, this habit is one thing you might not mind spreading around.

Tidy on, soldiers…

Sandra from TidyTime

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