Tidy Time is ANYTIME

tidytime is anytime

I was finally asleep after a LONG day of fun-filled activities and/or not-so-fun activities.

We had a “brief consultation” at the vet first thing this morning, which turned into a two hour(?) visit.  It was TONS OF FUN holding my yet-to-be neutered, 80-lb. American Bulldog back from each coming & going cute little chica-hua-hua, and keeping my two young boys entertained in the waiting room.

Keep your pets tidy, too!

Keep your pets tidy, too! (Click on me to find out about “Friends of Animals.”)

I have a sore wrist from the leash, a sore ear-drum from my children, and a sore brain from some of the pet-owners who galavanted in whilst we sat in the bleachers.

I must commend Pine Woods Animal Hospital for participating in the Friends of Animals program; it is an exceptional, donation-based program maintained in order to help pets get spayed and neutered for as low cost as possible.

Puppers Mcgee had his consult and blood-work, then afterwards we visited the local farmer’s market.

Support your local farmers!

Some goodies from our trip. (Click to find your local farmers markets!)

Later we made coffee-can ice cream, had a bunch of neighbor kids over to play (rare; usually my neighbor is the one running the circus) and snuggled in after showers & teeth.

Somebody looks excited.

Somebody looks excited… (Click to find out how we made the ice cream.)


1:15am:  (Am I dreaming?) NO, it’s the sound of MINI-ME, and it doesn’t end until around 3am, on and off. Hungry/Thirsty/Nightmares (poor guy). WELL, now I can’t sleep.

So, Tidy Time is now.  4am? Sure: Start the dishwasher, throw a load of clothes in, put some toys away, let the dog out, write this post…

In about an hour, daddy will be off to work. In 2 hours, the kids will be nudging me awake like clock-work.

I’m the ghost in the night. No one knows what goes on while everybody sleeps. I still can’t get my slumber on because I have snoring on surround-sound (dog, husband). Maybe one day, they will appreciate it; just maybe.


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