Create Zones in Your Home

organized drop zones

/zōn : 

Noun – An area or stretch of land having a particular characteristic, purpose, or use, or subject to particular restrictions: “a pedestrian zone”. Verb – Divide into or assign to zones, in particular. Synonyms – area – belt – region – district – girdle – section – sash

Why thank you,, for your definition.

When you create a “zone” in your home for something, you’re making a temporary home for it. You’re giving yourself permission to leave it in this new spot. But this is not meant to be a new place for things to hang out. This is meant to help you deal with the things that come and go on a daily basis in your home.

An Example of Zones:

  • Mudroom
  • Entryway table (for keys and things that need to go with you out the door the next time you leave)
  • Desk (for mail)
  • Coffee table (for magazines or books)
  • Corner of a Garage (for recycling cans/bottles)


(an example of creating permanent zones for your children to encourage them to help you stay organized-it works, I do this in my home too!)

  • Table for legos/play-doh
  • Bin for blocks/bin for army guys
  • Cupboard for crafts
  • Drawer for writing utensils
  • Shelf or basket for books, etc.

Specific Examples:

  • MAIL: I come in, and drop my mail on the entryway table. On that table is a wooden dish where I ALWAYS put my keys as soon as I step inside the door (otherwise I’d lose them every day). This is my mail drop-zone; I open my mail daily and put any bills on my desk for sorting & paying later in the week-but before it gets dealt with, it’s hanging out in its drop-zone.
  • SCHOOLS STUFF: My kids have their own drop-zone for school related things. This is the breakfast bar, which happens to be just inside the entry, within the kitchen. They place their folders and anything I need to see/sign for the day, up on the breakfast bar, and I deal with it as soon as we’ve gotten all settled.
  • RECYCLABLES: Any cardboard box, plastic container, or carton that can be recycled, goes on the edge of the kitchen counter, closest to the garage. The rule here, is that items get compiled (typically in the evening) and if there is anything sitting there that needs to head to the bin in the garage, it gets dealt with before going to bed.

When you create zones like this in your home, you’re able to manage those items that can clutter your space so easily. They are best placed in the portions of your home where the highest traffic takes place. This way, you’ll be most likely to see these zones, and visually be reminded that that area needs to be dealt with.

You can create a drop zone that works best for you and the layout of your home. As long as the zones are located in an area you’ll see them, and it works with your home lifestyle and daily life habits, you’re very likely to find this to be a solution to some annoying clutter problems.

Best of luck and let us know if you have any other ideas for places or types of drop-zones for the home (or office for that matter!)


Sandra from TidyTime

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