Great Find – Cable Clamps!

Sometimes I get frustrated. What frustrates me? Endless cordage, amongst other things.

There are several neat tricks you can use to combat this annoyance. Some of which are:

  • toilet paper tubes
  • paper towel tubes
  • zip-ties
  • fabric fasteners (with velcro)

On a recent jaunt to my local bulls-eye store, I came across this little package on clearance. The contents looked pretty darn cute and, above all else, had the potential for functional greatness.

Cable Clamps for cord management

Lately I have been truly frustrated with my kids’ (not to mention MY OWN)  stringy, dangling, tangling headphone cords so I immediately knew what I was going to try the small clamp clips on.

Sigh of relief for me!

The small clips are great for headphone cords.

The clamps feel sturdy and well made, so I am hopeful that they’ll hold up. I’m using the medium-sized clip on an extra-long sized phone-charging cord that my sister surprised me with (don’t be jealous!) after I kept mentioning that my head was hitting the wall every time I tried to check my messages. The larger one is hugging my laptop cord right now, but I bet it would be great behind a desk for cord management.

Don’t you love it when you stumble upon a nice find at the right price? I feel like I just won something!

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