Be Organized About Thank-You Cards

thank you cards

We need thank you cards for birthdays, holidays, unexpected gifts; we know we need them and why. But sometimes, as with all good intentions, they get pushed behind our lists of things to-do. Here are a couple of ways to make sure you don’t offend someone by forgetting to formally thank them.

For Kids:

You typically know about how many people are coming to a birthday for your child. Get their addresses in advance and pre-stamp and address the envelopes before your child even has a chance to write them.  The day after the party, maybe after breakfast (so they’re not “hangry”), I’ll have them write out their thank yous. I have small ones and it takes them longer to write thank you notes so we’ll break it up into two sessions or keep them short so they don’t have a negative experience for thanking people as a baseline.

Baby/Wedding Showers/Holidays: Same as above, only the grown-up writes the thank you note. But seriously, eat something first-you want to make sure you sound nice when you’re writing a thank you.


For Travelling:

If you’re going out of town to stay with someone over the weekend, or the week, whatever it is, apply the same principle. Get an envelope stamped and addressed, ready to go, with the card laying out on top. Leave it on your kitchen counter so that when you get home, you can personalize it based on your experience with them.  This will not only be a special reminder of new memories for them, but it will be sent to them in such a timely and efficient manner that they will absolutely feel justified for having you stay so darn long!

prestampt your envelope organize

If you do the little bitty work up front, you’ll feel better about yourself and your relationship with the person you’re thanking will only be warmer. 🙂

Thank you in advance,

Sandra from TidyTime

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