Linen Closet Organization

We just LOVE the Rubbermaid bento boxes Maria uses for her linen closet organization! I found some at OfficeDepot recently but you can also find them easily online. Take a look at how she organizes everything in that closet – I have almost everything she has in my linen closet-only conclusion: Time for some bento boxes!!

Graceful Order

You may remember that I recently released a post on the { linen closet } that I have in my master bathroom.  You may also remember that there are no linens in that closet.  The irony.

I also have another linen closet that is extremely narrow and is bookended between my sons room and the boys bathroom.  I need every bit of space in that closet to store not only linens but also items that don’t fit under the bathroom sinks.  Here is the closet.


Since the closet is narrow I pulled out all the baskets so that I can share with you the contents.  Also, the lighting in this corner of the house is horrible so I took most of the pictures in my bathroom.  My bathroom has 3 windows so the lighting is amazing for photography AND for seeing every single hair that falls on the floor.  Every strand…

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