Making a Birthday List for Kindness

random acts

I decided to take my birthday fate into my own hands this year and do something that I would be memorable and impactful with my children.

Together, over a period of about an hour, we made a list of 31 (in honor of the number of years on planet Earth) random acts of kindness to do during the day on my birthday this week. We thought of as many as we could, then looked online for some inspiration for the rest. Here’s a picture of one of the pages from our list of the things we came up with, and completed:

List of kind acts for birthday

We spent a few hours doing the things on the list and what resonated the most with me was the joy that was spilling out of the kids at every stop. The focus was on others and we were getting so excited for how we imagine the people might feel getting surprised with these things.  I’d love to do it again next year:)

If you’re interested in ever doing something like that for yourself or for your kids, this is a website we visited for some inspiration:


Hope this made you smile 🙂


Sandra from TidyTime




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